I’m honored to be part of the promo for the second annual Body Confidence Canada Awards. What if we lived in a society that valued every body, where body confidence was a minimum standard all people enjoyed, where we didn’t need these otherwise wonderful awards? #BCCAwards

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Note to self: Stay Body Positive

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You always see young people naked together.
Well- here’s the hidden, beautiful reality.
We are forever- naked together.


You always see young people naked together.

Well- here’s the hidden, beautiful reality.

We are forever- naked together.

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Meet my client recording artist James Lanier!
Age 33 
From DC

As a personal shopper I pride myself in finding awesome deals! I value your money just like you do and respect my client’s budget. I was really able to find some great deals here!

In this outfit

Beanie- Dollar Tree! Yes you heard right! Awesome find.

Shirt- Walmart

Snood/scarf- H&M



Any inquiries can be sent to All other info is in the bio! for big guy fashion!

Check out James’ music on ITunes now!
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Expose: Shedding Light on Collective Beauty by Laura K Photography

Found these pictures through The Militant Baker’s website. Through each picture you can see women as they actually are and every single one of them is beautiful. 

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Because recently, i love taking selfies.

Please no porn or fetish reblogs
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Girls&WomenToKnow: Leanna Archer

Meet Lenna Archer, who started her Leanna Inc. a haircare line at This Long  years old. Leanna all nautral organic hair products has generated over $ $100,000 in revenue. Leana develops and mixes each of her products (the original hair dressing was based on a family formula), and tracks orders and customer correspondence. Her parents and two brothers assist in bookkeeping, packaging, and product testing. The company sells its shampoos, conditioners, shea butter, and other products both in stores and online. 

Leanna is a philanthropist as well in 2008 she founded the Leanna Archer Education Foundation, an organization devoted to providing better opportunities for children in Haiti. Leanna’s goal is to built schools in Haiti, while providing a Safe learning environment for over 150 students.

Leanna as been featured in Forbes Magazine, Success Magazine, INC Magazine (30 under 30) and Ebony Magazine. Online web portal, AOL Black Voices, was also impressed with Leanna and positioned the Teen CEO as #5 on their list of “ Top 9 Young Lions” who are making Black History. Leanna has also been interviewed by several major media outlets, including NBC, MSNBC,ABC,FOX Business and BET.


Damn. That is just pure excellence.

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Absolutely love this picture of me. :)

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